Focused Prayers: Day 55, Men 3

FOCUSED PRAYERS “If you truly want a utopian society that is full of love, grace and joy, then speak and think of nothing else. Take the steps necessary in your personal life to manifest these ideals. Share the good that has come of it with all who are interested in listening. Walk away from conversations that focus attention on problems rather than solutions. Let those involved know how their words are energizing the negative aspect. Have courage to teach others how powerful their thougths, words, actions and emotions are. Be a problem-solver and surround yourself with activitsts that are focusing attention on the positive end of what you desire and watch the magic unfold. You are all powerful manifestors. With the added support from your Spirit Guides, miracles happen every day.” To read more about the power of focused prayer and an interesting analogy to computers, scroll to DAY 55 at:


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