Day 48: Enjoy the Journey, Lamat 9

ENJOY THE JOURNEY   Enjoy each step of your journey, knowing that nothing is ever complete. All things are always in a state of growth or decay. There is no stagnation. Even during times of apparent stagnation, there is still movement and evolvement.

Any act of completion is a doorway to a new beginning. Once you have finished a project or a journey, it is time to start something else. By peeling away unwanted behaviors, belief codes and reactions that keep you from being in joy, step by step you will walk towards a life filled with magic that at this moment may be totally unimaginable to you.

Take time to imagine the unimaginable. Dream high and dream big!  Co-create with others who are like-minded and desire the same things you want to experience. There is power in group intention. Never underestimate this power. Call in Helpers from the Other Side to help manifest the reality you aspire to.

Together we will create Paradise on Earth. As you peel away layers of fear and old negative patterns, new doors will open to you. If you have done your homework, when you have completed one project, the next project you choose will bring you closer to what you truly desire. You will do this over and over until you find yourself living the life you now barely dream can be possible.

Along the way, you will constantly have choices to make. Keep a focused intention regarding the things you would like to experience. Learn to say, “No, thank you.” to offers that come along which lead you from your dream. In the process, you will become more intuitive and better equipped to recognize the clues and synchronicities along the way to your goals. Make it fun, every moment. Be in joy. Smile.  Selamet!  Lamat 9

To read this Message in its entirety, scroll to Day 48 at:   Please include this web address when posting and sharing with others.  Many blessings, Theresa Crabtree


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